Super Hero Party

Kompas – February 6, 2019

Display reads: Super Hero Party. Legislative Candidate Gundula, MSc, PHd, and so on. I arrive, problems disappear. 21 million likes, 69 million followers.

Man: Even if he doesn’t come that won’t be a problem either, right?

Sixteen political parties – including four new ones – and their legislative candidates (caleg) will be contesting the April 17 legislative elections vying for places in the House of Representatives (DPR), the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) and provincial and regional legislative councils (DPRD).

Two of the four new parties are linked to the Suharto family – the Working Party (Berkarya), chaired by Suharto’s youngest son Tommy Suharto and the Garuda Party, funded by Suharto’s eldest daughter Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana. The remaining two are the Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo) founded by media tycoon Hary Tanoesoedibjo and the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) which is targeting young voters, women, Chinese Indonesians and religious minorities.