Cianjur government to issue appeal to schools to be on guard against LGBT threat

CNN Indonesia – October 19, 2018
Anti-LGBT rally in Cianjur (Radar Cianjur)
Anti-LGBT rally in Cianjur (Radar Cianjur)

Jakarta – The Cianjur regency government in West Java is planning to issue an appeal to the principles of all primary and senior high schools along with equivalent educational institutions to socialise the dangers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT).

In addition to LGBT, the appeal will also take up the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Cianjur regency government public relations head Gagan Rusganda says that the appeal will also be sent to all regional administrative officials (OPD), sub-district heads, village and ward chiefs.

“The appeal will be sent to [all] OPD, sub-district heads, village and ward chiefs, primary and senior high school principles, to socialise and provide guidance on LGBT, drugs, alcohol and gambling”, said Rusganda when contacted by CNN Indonesia on Friday October 19.

According to Rusganda, LGBT, drugs, alcohol and gambling are problems that must be overcome by respective local governments in Cianjur. The general public however must also play a role.

Rusganda said that all elements of society have agreed that these problems are a mutual responsibility. All of them are a moral burden that needs to be dealt with. Moreover, they are forbidden by religion.

Nevertheless, Rusganda was unable to specify when the appeal would be issued. Essentially he said, all elements of society must actively carry out socialisation and guidance on the dangers of LGBT, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

“In accordance with their respective functions and authority under the guidelines of the appropriate regulations and laws”, he said.

Last week, the Cianjur regency government issued Circular Number 400/5368/Kesra on Presenting Friday Sermons on LGBT.

The circular instructed all sub-district heads to ask local mosques to present sermons on the dangers of LGBT and HIV/AIDS at Friday prayers on October 19.

In addition to the instruction, attached to the circular were six pages of sermon text titled The Dangers of LGBT, Sodomy and Abuse in Religious Life, the Nation and the State from the Perspective of Islamic Law.

The Cianjur regency government said it had coordinated with several institutions in drafting the circular. The text of the sermon distributed to mosques, he said, was drafted by a team comprising members of the Cianjur regency government, the Cianjur Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) and representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Meanwhile the LGBT advocacy group Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Current) has slammed the appeal by the Cianjur government. Arus Pelangi chairperson Yuli Rustinawati said the appeal will further increase threats against LGBT groups in Indonesia (osc)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was Cianjur Akan Terbitkan Imbauan Bahaya LGBT ke Semua Sekolah.]