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September 2023

News/Indonesia – September 13, 2023

Jakarta – Amnesty International Indonesia is urging the government to reinvestigate the gross human rights violations that occurred during the Tanjung Priok tragedy in 1984.

CNN Indonesia – September 12, 2023

Makassar – A demonstration by the Makassar State University (UNM) Student Alliance demanding a resolution to cases of past human rights violations in Indonesia has ended in a clash with police. Three protesters were also arrested at the rally on Tuesday September 12.

News/Indonesia – September 7, 2023

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – Commemorating 19 years since the assassination of renowned human rights activists Munir Said Thalib on September 7, 2004, human rights activist Usman Hamid along with Once Mekel and the musical group The Blackstones, have launched a song and music video titled Munir.

News/Indonesia – September 7, 2023

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM) Secretary General Bivitri Susanti has expressed frustration with the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM), which has made no move to declare the assassination of renowned human rights activists Munir

August 2023

News/Indonesia – August 30, 2023

Syakirun Niam, Jakarta – A 1965 exile who resides in Amsterdam, Holland, Sri Budiarti or Ning, has related her experience of being berated and accused of being a member of the now-defunct Indonesian Women's Movement (Gerwani).

News/Indonesia – August 29, 2023

Nirmala Maulana Achmad, Jakarta – The government is being asked to set history straight on incidents of past gross human rights violations by writing an official national history book.

Detik News – August 27, 2023

Wilda Hayatun Nufus, Jakarta – A former victim of human rights abuses, Sungkono has questioned President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's failure to apologise for the 1965 mass killings.

News/Indonesia – August 11, 2023

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) Director Galuh Wandita is questioning the Indonesian government's commitment to resoling humanitarian crimes because it still has not signed the United Nations convention on genocide.

July 2023

News/Indonesia – July 28, 2023

Nicholas Ryan Aditya, Jakarta – Amnesty International Executive Director Usman Hamid says that they once made a journal about the July 27, 1996 attack on the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) offices, or the Kudatuli tragedy as it is known.

Tribun Jakarta – July 27, 2023

Elga Hikari Putra, Gambir – In the aftermath of his meeting with Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) chairperson and the party's presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician and former People's Democratic Party (PRD)