National student alliance for the elections formed

Source – December 29, 2003
BEM students protest in front of National Election Commission (Tribune)
BEM students protest in front of National Election Commission (Tribune)

Fedhly Averouss Bey, Jakarta – The University of Indonesia (UI) Student Executive Council (BEM) together with BEMs throughout Indonesia have formed the National Student Alliance in the lead up to the 2004 general elections which has the aim of ensuring the elections are luber (direct, open, free and confidential), jurdil (honest and fair) and free of money politics.

This was announced by the head of the BEM Social and Political Research Department, Dwi Ari Fauzi, during a break in an event titled End of Year Reflections on the Evaluation of the Government’s Performance in the Lead Up to the 2004 Elections at UI’s Aula Medical Faculty in Central Jakarta on Monday December 29.

According to Fauzi, BEM UI and other BEMs are of the view that the government performance in 2003 has been extremely poor and as a result they have agreed to form an Indonesian student forum which it is hoped will be able to improve the government’s performance in organising the 2004 elections.

“The aim of establishing this forum is to give an impetus to the 2004 elections along with providing political education to the public. We will not be holding demonstrations, however we will establish more authentic forums though political seminars”, said Fauzi.

BEM UI is also of the view that the government’s poor performance in 2003 includes its performance in the social and political fields, that is conflicts which have occurred between political parties such the Buleleng incident in Bali [on October 26 when Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle members attacked a Golkar campaign office killing two Golkar cadres]. “We hope that by setting up this forum issues like this will not be repeated”, said Fauzi. (gtp)

[Translated by James Balowski.]