United Worker Alliance rejects new minimum wage level for Jakarta

Detik.com – November 10, 2004
Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle rally (Berdikari)
Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle rally (Berdikari)

Meriam Debora, Jakarta – The United Worker Alliance (Aliansi Buruh Bersatu, ABB) says it has rejected the new provincial minimum wage (UMP) increase for Jakarta to 711,843 rupiah because the amount is less that the minimum cost of living in Jakarta which is as high as 759,953 rupiah per month.

This was announced by ABB during a press conference at the offices of the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation on Jalan Diponegoro on Wednesday November 10. Present at the press conference were activists from the Independent Trade Union Forum, Migrant Care, the Indonesian Trade Union Action Committee, the Greater Jakarta Trade Union and the Indonesian National Labour Front of Struggle (FNPBI).

According to FNPBI general secretary Budi Wardoyo, the three parties, that is the government, business groups and trade unions had already agreed to an UMP of 759,953 rupiah. This was based on a survey on reasonable standards of living conducted between May and July.

According to Wardoyo, the new UMP of 711,843 has already been signed by Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso. This increase is less than 30,000 rupiah more than the previous level of 671,550 rupiah. “The information we got is that Sutiyoso has already signed it”, he said.

There were seven trade unions involved in the process of determining the UMP however not one of them signed the results of a vote to set the level at 711,843 rupiah. “[What] should have been voted for was 759,953 rupiah which had been agreed to by the tripartite meeting”, said Wardoyo.

Wardoyo who is acting as the spokesperson for ABB said that they would continue to reject an UMP of 711,843 and would be endeavoring to get the Jakarta provincial government to increase the UMP to meet the minimum cost of living in Jakarta. This would include advocacy and mass mobilisations. “We will go into the streets [if we have to] to demand an increase to the UMP”, said Wardoyo. (gtp)

[Translated by James Balowski.]