Imparsial also sent package of rotten chicken

Source – November 23, 2004
Pungky Indarwati testifies in trial of Munir murder suspect Muchdi PR (Getty)
Pungky Indarwati testifies in trial of Munir murder suspect Muchdi PR (Getty)

M. Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – Threats in the form of a package containing a rotting chicken carcass which were sent to the wife of Munir were also been sent to the offices of Indonesian Human Rights Watch (Imparsial) on Jalan Diponegoro at around 1.15pm on Tuesday November 23.

According to information from Imparsial’s executive secretary, Pungky Indarwati, when the package was opened it emitted a foul smell so it was immediately placed in the grounds outside. Along with scores of journalists, the package was then opened and inspected more closely, and of course everyone held their noses because of the smell.

The package, a box measuring 20x20 centimeters, was wrapped in brown paper and filled with white Styrofoam. Inside the Styrofoam was the head, claws and intestines of a chicken, as was received last week by the wife of the late Munir, Suciwati.

Inside the Styrofoam there was a sheet of paper from a computer printout which read “Beware don’t connect the TNI [armed forces] with Munir’s death, want to end up like this?!”. The name and address of the sender was Zulrizal Umar, Jalan Semeru X No 45, Bogor and it was directed to Suciwati.

As has already been reported, the contents of the package and the threat is exactly the same as one received last week by Suciwati at her residence in Bekasi, West Java. The package was also sent via PT Pos Indonesia. Police say the sender’s name is fictive although they have yet to determine who is sending the threats.

As of going to press the package was sill sitting outside the Imparsial offices, the institute established by the late Munir. (nrl)

[Translated by James Balowski.]