Bojong residents demonstrate demanding release of 17 colleges

Source – November 24, 2004
Bojong Integrated Rubbish Dump in Jakarta (Tempo)
Bojong Integrated Rubbish Dump in Jakarta (Tempo)

Nala Edwin, Jakarta – Around 20 Bojong residents from the Bogor regency demonstrated at the Jakarta national police headquarters demanding the release of 17 colleges who were arrested in relation to a recent clash at the Bojong Integrate Rubbish Dump.

The majority of the demonstrators were Bojong housewives who were accompanied by non-government organisation activists from the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi), the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), the Indonesian Legal Aid Association (PBHI), Indonesian Human Rights Watch (Imparsial) and the Information Centre for Action and Reformation Network (Pijar). The group was received by the head of the public relations division Inspector General Paiman.

“Up until today, 18 people have been released by the Bogor police. But 17 others are still being detained”, said Alin from Walhi during a break in the demonstration on Wednesday November 24.

The 17 resident who are still being detained by police are Dede Suparman, Adang Hermawan, Anton  Jasaputra, Nenin, Ejar, Nazarudin, Djadja, Taing, Johar, Galuh, Ace, Ata bin  Nading, Rohim Sumita, Mirja, Atang, Aming and Dayat Supriyadi.

“Up until yesterday sweepings and arrests were still being conducted by police. One of the residents who was arrested was named Dado”, said Alin.

During the demonstration the residents demanded that Sutiyoso, the governor of Jakarta resign, the payment of compensation and money for medication for the residents who were shot and are being treated, the rehabilitation of the good names of those who were arrested and an investigation into the violations committed by security forces and police.

A number of posters were spread out with demands such as “Reject the Bojong Integrated Rubbish Dump”, “Investigate the violence in Bojong” and “Sack the Bogor local and regional police heads”.

Paiman promised the demonstrators that they would take stern action against security personnel who committed the violence against Bojong residents. “We will continue conducting the investigation into police officers who committed acts of violence outside of the proper guidelines. We will also continue to conduct the investigation into the people who carried out the riot, set fire to [property] and threatened the safety of other persons”, said Paiman.(aan)

[Translated by James Balowski.]