Demonstrators call on Komnas HAM to investigate Papua shooting

Source – January 30, 2006
Papuans protest in front of Komnas HAM offices (Antara)
Papuans protest in front of Komnas HAM offices (Antara)

M. Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – Around 25 people from the Papuan Anti-Militarism People’s Front (FRPAM) arrived at the offices of the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) on Jalan Latuharhari in Menteng, Jakarta, at around 11am on Monday January 30.

They came to report a member of the TNI (Indonesian military) and a police officer that carried out the shootings in the Wahgete district of Pania on January 20 that killed one person and wounded three others. Komnas HAM members Ruswiyati, Lies Soegondo and Koesparmono Irsan received the group.

FRPAM is calling on Komnas HAM to immediately investigate the shooting of four Papuans by the TNI and police. They believe that the shooting is an international conspiracy. “We call on Komnas HAM and legal and human rights advocacy institutions to immediately conduct and investigation and uncover the facts about this shooting until [it can be taken] to court”, said FRPAM chairperson Aloysius Giay when he met with the Komnas HAM members.

In addition to this, FRPAM is also calling for the Trikora XVII military commander, Major General George Toisutta to be punished and for the dismissal of the TNI officer that carried out the shooting – the company commander of the Nabire 735 Battalion, Second Lieutenant Ronald Situmeang.

Likewise, they are also urging that the national police chief dismiss those police officers that were involved in the case. “We ask that the TNI and national police force apologise to the entire Papuan people. And we, the Papuan people, condemn the violence, terror, intimidation and killings that so often happen in Papua”, said Aloysius.

Aloysius explained that the Papuan people have records on the violence that has taken place in the region including the Biak (1998), Wamena (2000), Abepura (2000), Wasior (2001) and Merauke-Kiamam (2001) cases, the murder of Theys Hiyo Eluay (2001) and the Timika shooting (2003). “In a report by the United Nations Human Rights Commission it notes that 100,000 Papuan people were killed between 1961 and 2003”, said Aloysius.

Moreover said Aloysius, on January 10 this year there was case of mistreatment against Obet Kosay in the village of Wesaput Wamena and the persecution of a teacher in the Wasior Regency by members of the Mobile Brigade. Then on January 11 there was the arrest of 12 civilians by the Indonesian police and Federal Bureau of Investigation in Timika.

Aloysius believes that the shooting in Paniai is an international conspiracy that is linked to the killing of two US citizens and one Indonesian national at Mile 6263 in Timika. “This is the justification for the detention of eight civilians that are linked to this case”, he said.

FRPAM is also demanding that the Papuan Regional House of Representatives, the Papuan People’s Council and the Papuan provincial government urge the central government to withdraw all non-organic troops and reduce the number of non-territorial troops in Papua. “If these demands are not acted upon we will declare an open war with the government”, said Aloysius who is also the head of the Papua Central Highlands Social League. (ndr)

[Translated by James Balowski.]