President asked to form new investigation team in Munir case

Source – September 7, 2006
Suciwati, wife of murdered human rights activists Munir (Kompas)
Suciwati, wife of murdered human rights activists Munir (Kompas)

Muhammad Nur Hayid, Jakarta – Two years after Munir’s murder the case remains a mystery but demands for the case to be resolved are continuing to be raised. Munir’s wife, Suciwati, is asking President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to form a new investigation team.

“The results of the earlier [investigation by the Munir] Fact Finding Team (TPF) were not optimal, because only one suspect was tried. That is why if the [investigation] is not supervised [the real perpetrators] could get away”, Suciwati told on Thursday September 7.

According to Suciwati, the new investigation team must be given more powers than the previous one because although there was an instruction from the president to form the TPF, the reality was that it was unable penetrate the National Intelligence Agency that is believed to have significant information about Munir’s death.

“The team must [be formed] on the direct orders of the president, not the House of Representatives or the national police, and be given more powers so that it can question anyone”, added the mother of two children.

To commemorate the second anniversary of Munir’s death, hundreds of people from Solidarity for Munir will hold an action. They plan to go to the Supreme Court, the Attorney Generals Office and the national police headquarters.

Munir was a human rights activist who had been active in the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence. He died aboard a Garuda Airlines flight to Amsterdam. Munir’s body is buried at the Kota Baru public cemetery. At the time of the autopsy high levels of arsenic were found in his body.

Only former Garuda pilot Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto was convicted of the murder and two Garuda crew members were named as suspects. It is believed that Munir’s death was the result of a conspiracy. (nvt)

[Translated by James Balowski.]