Anti-election protesters say Yudhoyono government has failed

Waspada Online – April 6, 2009
Students reject the Elite Elections in Ternate - April 5, 2009 (KPRM)
Students reject the Elite Elections in Ternate - April 5, 2009 (KPRM)

Medan – The North Sumatra Union for the Politics of the Poor Front (FPPRM) believes that the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has failed. Because of this therefore, they are opposing the 2009 general elections.

In addition to this, seen from the General Election Commission’s level of preparation and logistics the FPPRM believes that the government has yet do demonstrate its seriousness about holding the elections.

This has been demonstrated in various parts of the country where there are duplicate voters, political parties that have not submitted campaign funding reports plus the many criminal electoral violations that remain untouched by the law.

“Currently there is no political party that originates from the people’s movement. The 2009 elections are not political education for the people but exhibit the buying and selling of votes. If the 2009 elections go ahead, it will result in the people suffering even further because of the high price of basic commodities”, said FPPRM representative Muhammad Roslan.

The solution being offered by the FPPRM is for the ordinary people to build their own force by uniting the people themselves like the people’s struggle against the Suharto dictatorship in 1998. “The people united will never be defeated”, said Roslan. (amr/wol-mdn)

[Translated by James Balowski.]