Protesters denounce elections as ‘festival of the elite’

Warta Jatim (East Java News) – April 6, 2009
 Banner reads 'Abandon the Elite Parties' (KPA)
Banner reads 'Abandon the Elite Parties' (KPA)

Surabaya – On Sunday April 5, protesters from the East Java People’s Union Against the Elections (PRTP) held a demonstration at the Bungkul Park in the East Java provincial capital of Surabaya.

The hundreds of demonstrators from 11 labour and student organisations are opposing the election because they say it is nothing more than a festival of the political elite.

PRTP coordinator Afif Irwanto said that the elections will not bring any significant change to the national situation nor provide any solutions to overcoming poverty and unemployment.

“The elections are not a people’s festival. Up until now the ordinary people have cast their votes, but do not obtain the right to have a better life,” said Irwanto.

In addition to giving speeches and unfurling posters, the PRTP demonstrators also set fire to voter registration cards as a symbol of choosing to golput the elections. (red)


Golput – Golongan putih or white movement meaning not to mark the ballot paper (leave it blank) or abstain from voting.

[Translated by James Balowski.]