Government not serious about solving Munir case: Suciwati

Tempo Interactive – September 8, 2010
Munir's wife Suciwati reads a letter at Thursday action (Kompas)
Munir's wife Suciwati reads a letter at Thursday action (Kompas)

Bibin Bintariadi, Malang – The government is not serious about resolving the death of human rights activist Munir. This has been proven by it simply instructing the Attorney General’s Office and other related parties to fully investigate Munir’s murder without taking the case seriously.

“In the handling of the Munir case, what was said by President SBY [Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] was just empty talk, and to this day he has failed to demonstrate a firm attitude [to the case]”, said Munir’s wife Suciwati, in her greetings to a reflection and joint prayer event in Malang, East Java, on the evening of Tuesday September 7, commemorating six years since Munir’s death.

Because of this therefore, Suciwati pledged to continue giving voice to the case, which will be undertaken by, among other things, seeking assistance from the international parties such as the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCR). “The result of a meeting with the UN Commission was an agreement that they will continue to urge President SBY to fully resolve the Munir case”, she said.

More that 50 activist in the East Java city of Malang commemorated Munir’s death by holding a reflection and joint prayers at the Malang City Kalimetro Building. The commemoration was organised to remind the government to uncover the full truth behind Munir’s death.

“This event is not to deify the person Munir, but rather as evidence that the exposure of the Munir [case] is not yet complete”, said organising committee member Zia Ul Haq during a break in the event.

The event was also enlivened by the presentation of a video about Munir and a joint prayer. According to Zia, the burial of the Munir murder case is evidence of the government’s lack of serious in upholding human rights. “Currently the government is inflicted with the illness of forgetfulness,” said Zia.

The Malang activists are calling on the government to shed light on the Munir murder in order to provide a point of clarity to the case.

[Translated by James Balowski.]