Central Kalimantan regency drafting bylaw to outlaw LGBT community

Antara – November 8, 2018
East Kotawaringin Regent Supian Hadi (Antara)
East Kotawaringin Regent Supian Hadi (Antara)

Kasriadi/Norjani, Sampit – The East Kotawaringin (Kotim) regency Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) in Central Kalimantan is drafting a regulation on prohibiting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) which is hoped will attract support and be a priority.

“I very much support and respond to this. Thank you to our colleagues in the DPRD. I hope it will soon be realised because there is concern about this. If possible, it should be prioritised so that it will quickly become a regional regulation”, said Kotim Regent Supian Hadi in Sampit on Thursday.

Hadi agrees with the DPRD that the presence of LGBT people in the region is a public threat because their lifestyle violates regulations and there is concern that they will have a bad impact on society.

He said that many people have expressed a desire for a regulation or prohibition on LGBT in the mass and social media.

“I am appreciative of the DPRD because they are addressing this wish and have submitted a draft regional regulation on prohibiting LGBT for deliberation to become a regional regulation in 2019”, said Hadi.

Hadi said that the Kotim public rejects the presence of the LGBT people and a regulation is needed to provide a legal basis so that LGBT groups do not emerge in the regency.

Although there are LGBT people in Kotim, it is not known how many members of the community there are who practice this deviant behavior.

“This isn’t just related to them being prone to spreading decease, but it also violates religious norms. This must be prevented so that it does not create disquiet in society”, said Hadi.

The Kotim DPRD Regional Regulation Drafting Board (Bapemperda) is planning 21 new draft regional regulations (raperda) which will be deliberation in 2019, one of which is the prohibition on LGBT.

Bapemperda head Dadang H Syamsu said that the 21 new regulations are made up of eight draft regulations initiated by the DPRD and 13 other draft regulations proposed by the Kotim regency executive.

“Our task is to deliberate the 21 raperda and this must be completed in 2019”, he added.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was DPRD Kotim diminta prioritaskan Perda larangan LGBT.]

Source: https://www.antaranews.com/berita/766196/dprd-kotim-diminta-prioritaskan-perda-larangan-lgbt