Defeat the Omnibus Law with a national strike

Arah Juang – October 5, 2020
Banner reads 'Defeat the Omnibus Law' – Makassar, February 11, 2020 (Antara)

Over the last few days, in the mist of the corona virus pandemic that is still not under control, the House of Representatives (DPR) was still enthusiastically deliberating the Draft Omnibus Law on Job Creation.

Upon hearing news today, October 5, that the bourgeois parties in Senayan have agreed to take the law to a plenary meeting, we then heard that the DPR is holding a plenary meeting to enact the law.

In several areas such as the Jakarta satellite cities of Tangerang, Bekasi and Bogor, workers heading for the DPR parliamentary complex in Jakarta were blocked by security forces from the police and the TNI (Indonesian military). This shows that the repressive tools of the state are again being deployed to secure the pro-capitalist polices of the government which will further oppress ordinary people and the working class.

The fight to defeat the Omnibus Law is a fight against the politics of low wages, the expropriation of workers' rights, the rights of women workers, legalising the exploitation and powers of the bosses, the theft of land, a monopoly of agrarian resources and wealth, and the commercialisation of education.

The Omnibus Law, which is cynically referred to as the Job Creation Law, will not create decent or permanent employment. Rather, it will facilitate investment, exploitation and the accumulation of capital.

In short, the Omnibus Law will facilitate the exploitation and oppression of workers and the ordinary people for the sake of capitalism. Because of this therefore, the fight against the Omnibus Law cannot be separated from the struggle against capitalism itself.

The fight to defeat the Omnibus Law can only be won by uniting all workers and oppressed people in a single front to launch a national strike. The Socialist Youth Organisation (Organisasi Kaum Muda Sosialis, OKMS) is therefore calling for:

  • Workers and the people to unite!
  • Defeat the Omnibus Law with a national strike!
  • Reject collaboration with any bourgeois forces!

Socialist Youth Organisation – October 5, 2020

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About Arah Juang

Arah Juang is published by the Socialist Union (Perserikatan Sosialis, PS). The Socialist Union is a socialist organisation fighting for the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist order and to build a socialist society.

Because of this, the organisation is based on the revolutionary vanguard and made up of the most advanced elements of the working class and working people.

The socialist society we are fighting for is one where the forces of the working class and working people are organised as a state based on people's committees.

Along with this, the means of production will be organised in a democratic and planned manner to create a society which is classless and environmentally sustainable, so that for the first time a truly humane society can be created, where the freedom to grow will be the condition for the development of the human community as a whole.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Cabut Omnibus Law dengan mogok nasional!!!".]