Drunken Republic Cartoons

February 2009

Kompas – February 14, 2009

Kid: Fuel prices have gone down, so how come prices keep going up, Sir...

Legislative Candidate (Caleg): Because fuel is scarce!

Kompas – February 2, 2009

1st Man: Wow. The House of Representatives... sophisticated, impressive, luxurious, inspiring...

January 2009

Kompas – January 28, 2009

1st Man: A [winning] candidate is based upon a majority vote.

2nd Man: Ah yes, but votes can be bought.

Kompas – January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Sign: Visit Jakarta the Water Front City

Kompas – January 21, 2009

Writing above House of Representatives: Absent! They’ve got permission... Also absent... They’ve got permission too... Also got permission.

Kompas – January 17, 2009

Man: ...I’m not worried about disasters or if the price of kerosene will going down, Madame... But what about my fortunes, in the elections?

Kompas – January 14, 2009

Man: It sank over there, why are you looking here?

Man with torch: Divine wisdom...

Kompas – January 3, 2009

Kid: Hey Dad, is the problem with the fuel or the car’s performance?

December 2008

Kompas – December 31, 2008

Man: Better if we look at it as being half-full...

Woman: ...In anticipation of [using] fire wood

Kompas – December 27, 2008

Happy New Year 2009