September 2004

Indonesia – September 28, 2004

Triono Wahyu Sudibyo, Semarang – Often you hear the news that the state owned electricity company PT PLN is loosing money. After investigation, it turns out that many people use electricity without paying, that is stealing it.

Indonesia – September 19, 2004

Suwarjono, Jakarta – Don’t miss an opportunity, that’s the journalist’s motto and this includes the final moments in the lead-up to the “finals” of the second-round of the presidential election.

Indonesia – September 14, 2004

Suwarjono, Jakarta – On Tuesday September 14, victims of the 1965 tragedy1 went to the presidential palace wanting to meet face-to-face with President Megawati Sukarnoputri with the aim of presenting a legal action (Somasi) to the president.

Indonesia – September 7, 2004

Maryadi, Jakarta – Hundreds of people from the Committee Against the Criminalisation of the Press (Komite Anti Kriminalisasi Terhadap Pers, Kakap) held a demonstration at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout on Sunday September 5 at 3pm.

August 2004

Kompas – August 28, 2004

Jakarta – On Friday August 27, the Women’s Alliance Against RUU TNI (Aliansi Perempuan Tolak RUU TNI) held a demonstration at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Jakarta.

Indonesia – August 26, 2004

Adhi Pratomo, Jakarta – Activists from the Student and People’s Alliances Against RUU TNI (Aliansi Mahasiswa dan Rakyat Tolak RUU TNI) believe that the RUU TNI (Rancangan Undang-Undang Tentara Nasional Indonesia, draft law on the armed forces) represents an endeavor by President Megawati Sukarnop

Indonesia – August 26, 2004


Java Post – August 25, 2004

Jakarta – The Justice and Prosperity Party’s (PKS) support for presidential candidate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) has clearly attracted a great deal of opposition. Aside from the PKS’s own cadre opposition has also come from the People’s Democratic Party (PRD).

Indonesia – August 24, 2004

Niken Widya Yunita, Jakarta – Are you a woman? A worker? Have you experienced sexual harassment in the work place? If the answer is yes you are not alone. It is estimated that 90 per cent of women workers have been victims of sexual harassment in the work place.

Indonesia – August 23, 2004

Anton Aliabbas, Jakarta – The draft law on the armed forces (Rancangan Undang-Undang Tentara Nasional Indonesia, RUU TNI) is not considered to be in accordance with the TNI’s new paradigm, has the potential to bring the dual social and political function of the TNI back to life and contravenes Pe