Land Disputes & Forced Evictions

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November 2007

News/Indonesia – November 12, 2007

Ramadhian Fadillah, Jakarta – During protest actions, demonstrators usually replace the names of government officials they are protesting against with something bad. But this time it was different, the name of Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo was instead embellished with the addition of last name of the handsome actor Ari Wibowo.

August 2007

News/Aceh – August 10, 2007

M Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – The Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) and the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) says it is disappointed that eight Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) activists in Banda Aceh have been named as suspects by the police saying that the police are protecting the interests of a company that appropr

June 2007

News/Indonesia – June 4, 2007

Triono Wahyu Sudibyo, Salatiga – Around 250 students and farmers from the Central Java city of Salatiga were disappointed after being ‘removed’ before having a chance to express long list of grievances over the shooting incident in the Central Java regency Pasuruan on May 30.

Tempo Interactive – June 4, 2007

Ahmad Fikri, Bandung – Activists, students and farmers have protested at the headquarters of the Bandung Navy Detachment in West Java to condemn the shooting by marines of farmers in the Pasuruan regency of East Java that resulted in the killing of four people.

May 2007

Riau Today – May 1-2, 2007

Pekanbaru – Around 1,000 people from the Central People’s Movement (SEGERA) have cancelled a May 1 overnight occupation of the offices of the Riau governor because their demands for an investigation into the appropriation of local people’s land by the company PT. Arara Abadi have been met.