Land Disputes & Forced Evictions

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July 2012

Kompas – July 4, 2012

1st Man: Conflicts in the regions continue to smolder Mr...

2nd Man: Is he even listening?

April 2012

News/Indonesia – April 26, 2012

Khaerudin, Nasru Alam Aziz, Jakarta – The disparity and gap between those who are rich and poor in Indonesia is clearly illustrated by data on the control of national productive assets.

Kompas – April 14, 2012

Jakarta – Because the government has failed to fulfill its promise of agrarian reform, the process of rural proletarianisation continues unabated. Rural communities, the majority of whom are farmers that once owned land, have begun to loose their source of income because they no longer have control over land.

January 2012

Kompas – January 21, 2012

Man: The predatory republic?

Headline reads: Agrarian Law. Roll reads: Land Management.