Regional Autonomy & Separatism

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October 2019

West Papua
KBR – October 30, 2019

Wahyu Setiawan, Valda Kustarini, Jakarta – Amnesty International believes that resolving cases of human rights violations in Papua is more important than creating a new province.

January 2018

November 2016

West Papua
Solidarity Net – November 1, 2016

Ternate – Police claim that demands raised by the Pro-Democracy Social Movement (Gema Pro-Demkrat) during a rally in Ternate, North Maluku to commemorate Youth Pledge Day on October 28 were an act

June 2012

West Papua – June 15, 2012

Jakarta – Humanitarian Solidarity for Papua (Skup) is urging all government institutions to end the stigmatisation of the Papuan people as separatists in responding to developments in West Papua.

November 2011

West Papua
Kompas – November 12, 2011

Man (bottom left): Image building?

May 2011

Kompas – May 14, 2011

Kid: Yogya gudeg (a traditional Yogyakarta dish) is delicious Mr... how come you’re rummaging about in it again!

Man: They’re just creating new problems for themselves...

January 2011

West Papua
CyberNews – January 28, 2011

Yogyakarta – The special autonomy that has been in effect in Papua since 2001 is not working in accordance the hopes of the indigenous people there.

West Papua – January 27, 2011

Yogyakarta – A group of Papuans in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta from the Anti-Colonial Movement (Ganja) held a protest action in the Jl. Malioboro area on Thursday January 27.

West Papua
Tempo Interactive – January 26, 2011

Jerry Omona, Jayapura – Thousands of Papuan occupied the Papua People’s Council (MRP) offices in the provincial capital of Jayapura on Wednesday January 26 demanding that the government cancel the

February 2010

West Papua
Kompas – February 27, 2010

Suwardiman – After nine years, support by various elements of society for special autonomy (otsus) is weakening.