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July 2024

Sindo News – July 13, 2024

Haryudi, Aceh – The National Statistics Agency (BPS) recently released surprising data about rape cases in Indonesia. Based on the report Criminal Statistics 2023 issued by the BPS, Aceh emerged as the province with the highest number of rape cases in 2023.

May 2024

Dialeksis – May 1, 2024

Naufal Habibi, Banda Aceh – Scores of protesters from the Aceh Workers Alliance (ABA) gave speeches at the Simpang Lima traffic circle in the Achenese provincial capital of Banda Aceh on Wednesday May 1.

December 2023

CNN Indonesia – December 29, 2023

Jakarta – Civil society activists from a cross-section of organisations suspect that there is a major effort on social media to spread disinformation or false narratives in order to trigger opposition to Rohingya refugees in Indonesia's northern-most province of Aceh.

News/Aceh – December 6, 2023

Krisiandi, Jakarta – Amnesty International Indonesia says that the Indonesian government will violate human rights if it repatriates Rohingya refugees to their country of origin, Myanmar

July 2023

Socialist Union Statement – July 17, 2023

Riang Karunianidi – The government has demolished the remains of the Geudong House (Rumoh Geudong) in Pidie regency, Aceh. The building was used as an interrogation and torture centre during the armed conflict in Aceh.

June 2023

News/Aceh – June 27, 2023

Dian Erika Nugraheny, Jakarta – A victim of the Kertas Kraft Aceh pulp and paper mill in Aceh massacre, known as Simpang KKA, Samsul Bahri, said he hopes that the government will continue to pursue legal or judicial means to settle the 12 cases of past

CNN Indonesia – June 23, 2023

Jakarta – The remains of the Geudong House (Rumoh Geudong) in Pidie regency, Aceh, where gross human rights abuses were committed when Aceh was declared a military operational area (DOM), have been flattened to the ground ahead of a visit by President Jok

CNN Indonesia – June 23, 2023

Aceh – The Central Aceh Transitional Committee (KPA), which is a forum for former Free Aceh Movement (GAM) combatants, firmly opposes the demolition of the Geudong House (Rumoh Geudong) building which is a s

March 2023

CNN Indonesia – March 3, 2023

Jakarta – Aceh's traditional leader (Wali Nanggroe Aceh), Tgk Malik Mahmud Al Haytar, has handed over data on 5,000 cases of human rights violations that occurred in Aceh province to the central government through Coordinating Minister for Security, Politics and Legal Affairs Mahfud MD.

October 2022

Viva – October 4, 2022

Mohammad Arief Hidayat and Dani Randi (Banda Aceh) – The chairperson of the Acehnese Regional House of Representatives' (DPR Aceh) Commission V for Health Affairs, M Rizal Falevi, has proposed a draft qanun (bylaw) legalising cannabis for medical use so it can be included in the 2023 priority Regional Legislation Program (Prolegda).