Anti-Colonial & Nationalist Struggle

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July 2007

Pembebasaan Discussion List – July 2, 2007

“Literary history must be won back. Culture as a priority for the people must be won back.

May 2007

Jurnal Nasional – May 24, 2007

Jakarta – May 1998. Students from throughout the country spilled into the hall and occupied the national parliament building.

Suara Pembaruan Daily – May 23, 2007

The national liberation of the people of Latin America, which has been inspired by the people’s struggle in Venezuela led by President Hugo Chavez, should be able to inspire similar methods and ide

April 2007

Kompas – April 24, 2007

Budiarto Shambazy – On April 12, 1963 rebels in Brunei were involved in an armed contact with British troops in North Kalimantan.