Austerity & Privatisation

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November 2022

CNN Indonesia – November 4, 2022

Jakarta – Protesting workers from the Labour Party and the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) plan to hold a national strike in December if the demands at today's demonstration are not

October 2022

Detik News – October 20, 2022

Silvia Ng, Jakarta – Workers from the Labour Movement with the People (Gebrak) held a protest action near the Horse Statue in Central Jakarta on Thursday October 20.

CNN Indonesia – October 12, 2022

Jakarta – Protesters from labour organisations will hold follow up demonstrations centred on the State Palace in Central Jakarta on November 10 to protest last month's increase in fuel prices.

September 2022

News/Indonesia – September 27, 2022

Retno Ayuningrum and Muhammad Isa Bustomi, Jakarta – Demonstrations opposing the recent fuel (BBM) price hike have again taken place in front of the House of Representatives (DPR) building on Jalan

Sindo News – September 23, 2022

Bachtiar Rojab, Jakarta – A protest action against the recent fuel (BBM) price hike by the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 and the People's Defenders National Movement (GNPR) has attracted quite a lot

CNN Indonesia – September 22, 2022

Jakarta – Hundreds of workers from the 1001 United Trade Union Alliance held a demonstration in the vicinity of the Horse Statue in Central Jakarta on Thursday September 22.

Alinea ID – September 22, 2022

Gempita Surya – A national survey by the polling group Charta Politika has revealed that more than 65 percent of respondents disagree with the recent fuel (BBM) price hike.

News/Indonesia – September 22, 2022

Wahyu Ruslan, Makassar – A protest action against the recent fuel price hike by hundreds of students and workers in the South Sulawesi provincial capital of Makassar has ended in chaos.

CNN Indonesia – September 21, 2022

Bandung – Thousands of workers held a protest action against the recent fuel (BBM) price hike in front of the Gedung Sate building (governor's office) in the West Java (Jabar) provincial capital of

CNN Indonesia – September 16, 2022

Jakarta – Metro Jaya regional police spokesperson Senior Commissioner Endra Zulpan says that protest actions against the recent fuel (BBM) price hike will be held by several different groups of pro