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December 2009

Kompas – December 30, 2009

Jakarta – Like previous years, 2008 was marked by a variety of actions by students who took to the streets opposing government policies that they believe harm the people.

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Muhammad Taufiqqurahman, Jakarta – The Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (Kasum) sees 2009 as a year of gloom that failed to provide any clarity in the ongoing investigation of Munir’s murder.<

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Amanda Ferdina, Jakarta – Shouting “Long live SBY”, on Wednesday December 30 scores of protesters form the Indonesian People’s Solidarity Coalition (KSRI) demonstrated at the launch of the book

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Amanda Ferdina, Jakarta – Supporters of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) from the Indonesian People’s Solidarity Coalition (KSRI), who were protesting against the launch of the book Unm

Kompas – December 26, 2009

Kid: 2009 has been full of reality shows, corruption, bribery, debtors fleeing the country, evictions, communities clashing with police, student brawls, the gecko vs crocodile scandal, the Bank Cen

Kompas – December 23, 2009

The House of Representatives – consistently rated as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country – is seeking to strip the Corruption Eradication Commission of its wiretapping powers, which

Kompas – December 21, 2009

Umi Kulsum and Ignatius Kristanto – Two months have passed, but like an engine, they have also yet to “warm up”. Yet, their numbers have increased significantly compared with the previous period.

Kompas – December 19, 2009

Kid: It turns out that a coin can carry more weight, right Dad?

Scales read: Justice/Law.

Kompas – December 16, 2009

Man: You’ll be exonerating those who are right and blaming those who are wrong, right Mr?

Kompas – December 9, 2009

Protester: Hey Mr, corruption’s taking a holiday today... come on, you wanna join the demos?