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About UsThe Indoleft website is maintained by the Asia Pacific Solidarity Network (APSN), a network of activists building solidarity with and support for movements for social justice, genuine democracy and self-determination in the Asia Pacific region.

APSN works closely with the Red Ant Collective – a socialist group formed in October 2022 dedicated to socialism, internationalism and anti-imperialism.


APSN began in 1990 as the Indonesian solidarity group AKSI, which in 1997 changed its name to ASIET (Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor) to reflect a growing orientation to the East Timor solidarity movement. In 2002 ASIET again changed its name to ASAP (Action in Solidarity with the Asia Pacific) as it broadened its solidarity work to the Asia Pacific region. Following a prolonged dispute over political orientation, in 2007 the founding members of AKSI and ASIET left ASAP and went on to form the APSN. ASAP has since ceased to function publically and its website has closed down.


Indoleft was originally established in March 2003 as an English-language news service with the aim of providing alternative news, analysis and information on Indonesian, Acehnese and West Papuan grass roots organisations, progressive political parties, women's organisations, NGOs and environmental groups.

Indoleft reports are translated from Indonesian language news reports, statements and publications not otherwise available in English. It is the only news source in the world providing regular material on what's happening "inside Indonesia" – as testified by just one of the many messages of support we have received:

"We at Joyo Indonesia News want you to know what superb and much-needed work you are doing – adding a new dimension to understanding what's happening in Indonesia. The information you are translating, which wasn't available in English previously, fills a glaring void. We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to translate, and we want you to know how greatly appreciated your excellent work is!" (Joyo News April 22, 2006)

Drunken Republic

Republik Benar Benar Mabuk – the title of a groundbreaking and highly popular political satire that was taken off the air in June 2006 by television station Indosiar after complaints from government officials, who disliked the depiction of a fictitious president and vice president who resembled President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

The Indoleft website also incorporates Drunken Republic – the lighter (or darker side) of Indonesian politics – a unique collection of Indonesian political cartoons with English language translations and political commentary, which was initiated by APSN in 2008 and maintained on its website until 2018.

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Translation policy

In many cases the original titles of translations are modified to make the subject of the article clearer or more attractive to non-Indonesian readers. The original title, source and URL are generally provided at the end of the text. Indoleft translations may also include additional text and footnotes to provide context and clarity and acronyms are maintained even when they are not cited later as a reference for readers. Although some translations may be abridged or edited for readability, Indoleft translations do not omit or add text that could potentially change the meaning, intent or understanding of the original article.


Indoleft accepts translations of Indonesian language documents from third-party sources so if you or your organisation would like to contribute articles to the Indoleft website, please feel free to send them to The right to accept, reject and/or edit third-party translations published on this website remains with Indoleft.

Reprinting Indoleft

Indoleft articles may be reprinted without prior permission but we ask that Indoleft and the translator of the article be credited and that a link to the original translation be included. Copyright remains with the translator of the article.


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