Football mafia

Kompas – January 23, 2019
Football mafia

Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) chairperson Edy Rahmayadi resigned from his position over the weekend amid fresh allegations of match-fixing in the national league which for years has been dogged by a series of corruption scandals.

Last week the PSSI suffered yet another blow to its reputation when the Anti-Soccer Mafia task force set up by the national police named 10 people suspects for their alleged involvement in match-fixing, six of which have been arrested and detained.

The six detained suspects are PSSI executive committee member Johan Lin Eng, former member of the PSSI referee committee Priyanto and his daughter Anik, a member of the PSSI disciplinary committee Dwi Irianto – also known as “Mbah Putih” for his white hair, third-tier Liga 3 national league referee Nurul Safarid and a refereeing staff member of the PSSI, identified only as ML.

The remaining four – identified only as P, CH, MR and DS – have been declared suspects but not yet arrested. All 10 have been charged under Law Number 11/1980 on Bribery and Law Number 8/2010 on money laundering.