Electoral regulation

Kompas – March 6, 2019

Block reads: Election regulation?

T-shirts reads: Vox Popoli, Vox Dei, Absentee voter.

With only a month to go before Indonesia holds simultaneous presidential and legislative elections, tens of thousands of people may not be able to vote.

Article 348 (9) of the 2017 Elections Law stipulates that eligible voters are required to bring electronic ID cards (e-KTP) to polling stations in order to cast their vote on election day.

The problem however, is that not all eligible voters have e-ID cards with the process of registering people for new cards in many parts of the country having slowed or stalled completely following the massive e-KTP corruption scandal involving a number of senior politicians.

Although a judicial review challenging Article 348 (9) has been submitted with the Constitutional Court, until the court hands down its ruling, many eligible voters in the country still do not know if they will actually be able to cast a vote on April 17.