Taming the commission

Kompas – July 10, 2019

Man: Finding someone with some guts is also important Mrs.

Robot’s arms and legs read: Integrity, professionalism, commitment, independence.

Anti-corruption activists and legal advocates are concerned that there is a plot to “tame” the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) through the selection of new batch of KPK leaders for 2019.

They say that the leadership selection committee or Pansel Capim – which was directly appointed by President Joko Widodo and is headed up by money laundering and criminal expert Yenti Garnasih (pictured centre) – is giving a red carpet to law enforcement officials to become KPK leaders.

This, they say, is contrary to the initial aim of establishing the KPK, namely as an independent state body which was setup precisely because the police and Attorney General’s Office – both of which are widely seen as corrupt themselves – have been unable to eradicate graft.

They also note that the national police appear to be grooming members to become candidate leaders for the KPK and that given long-standing animosity between the police and the KPK there is potential for a conflict of interest emerging.