Save Nduga

Kompas – July 31, 2019

Writing on T-shirts reads: “Save Nduga”, “I Love NKRI”.

According to the aid group Humanity Volunteer Team of Nduga – which has been helping communities displaced by armed conflict in Papua’s Nduga regency with food, health and education needs in Wamena – 182 civilians have died fleeing violence in the highlands.

Since December – when the government deployed thousands of additional troops to West Papua – reports from the West Papua Liberation Army and aid groups indicate thousands have fled the conflict centred around Nduga regency.

Last week, the aid group Solidarity Team for Nduga also said at least 182 people from the regency have died of famine and disease in displacement camps. This is up from a July estimate of 139 deaths.

Citing data from a church, a volunteer NGO team and testimony from displaced peoples, it estimated more than 34,000 people had fled Nduga.

The groups added that the deaths included 92 children and that there were more than 3,400 school children among the displaced who have been unable to resume studies.