Anti-corruptus vaccine

Kompas – March 3, 2021

Health worker: You also need this Mr so you can be healthy in serving the people.

Label reads: Anti-Corruptus 21 Vaccine. Especially for (money loving) government officials that like bribery, markups and scams.

While the government appears to be making some headway in its Covid-19 vaccination program, the same however can't be said for its fight against corruption.

According to a recent survey by the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) of businesspeople and opinion makers between December 2020 and January 2021, 58.3 percent of respondents believe that corruption has grown worse over the last two years

The survey also found that this perception is in concert with an increased tolerance for bribery and kick-backs with around 23.4 percent of respondents considering it normal to give something such as money, goods, entertainment or gifts outside of required or stipulated fees in order to "facilitate" government services.

In addition to this, around 21.1 percent of respondents consider nepotism to be normal and 13.6 percent believe that it is necessary to smooth business.

The findings of the LSI survey are in line with the Berlin-based Transparency International Index for 2020, where Indonesia slipped to 102nd place from 85th in 2019 scoring only 37 points out of a possible 100 on the index, a drop of 40 points from last year.

This places Indonesia on par with Gambia and far below Singapore's 85 points, Brunei's 60 points and Malaysia's 51. This also places it below the global average of 43.