Fake masks

Kompas – April 7, 2021

Nurse: Don't buy the wrong one, lives are at stake

Box reads: "Genuine" medical masks for sale, ASLI – Asal Semua Laku Ini, As long as they all sell. A play on the word Asli meaning genuine.

The Health Ministry says it is working closely with police to crack down on the reported spread of fake medical masks in Indonesia.

Local news outlets recently reported their discovery of fake medical grade-labeled face masks being openly sold online and at physical stores.

These include fake surgical masks and N95/KN95 masks – recommended for their small particles filtration capabilities – which according to tests do not meet the Health Ministry's standards.

"What is inappropriate is if the mask does not actually fit for medical use, but is claimed to be a medical mask. We will act on this because this misleads the public", Health Ministry Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Director General Arianti Anaya said.

Based on a Coconuts Jakarta article titled Health Ministry cracking down on fake medical masks in Indonesia: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/health-ministry-cracking-down-on-fake-medical-masks-in-indonesia/