Police state

Jakarta Post – February 14, 2022

From an editorial in the Jakarta Post titled A glimpse of a police state.

Jakarta – Anyone wondering what a police state in Indonesia would look like must watch the video clips of last week's ugly scenes in Wadas, a village near the Central Java town of Purworejo.

Hundreds of police officers in full riot gear descended on the small village on Wednesday. Scuffles broke out with the defenseless villagers, who were outnumbered. Arrests were made, police say 23 but activists say more than 70. Whatever the number, all have since been released because the police were drawing so much heat.

Police may have their version of how and why it happened, and the villagers and activists helping them have their story accompanying these video clips. Whichever narrative we hear, there is no denying what we see in the videos: a police operation that just seemed excessive, and very intimidating for the helpless villagers.

The full article can be read here: https://www.thejakartapost.com/opinion/2022/02/13/a-glimpse-of-a-police-state.html