Internet access

Tabloid JUBI – March 4, 2022

From an article by Tabloid JUBI titled Throughout 2021, Papua experiences 12 internet disturbance.

Alexander Loen, Jayapura – The Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network or SAFEnet conveyed the condition of internet access in Papua in an online discussion on the launch of the 2021 Digital Rights Situation Report on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

SAFEnet said that throughout 2021, there were 12 internet disturbances in Papua and West Papua provinces. Executive Director of SAFEnet Damar Juniarto said that of the total figure, four disturbances were caused by natural disasters, while eight disturbances were allegedly caused by the operation of the security forces.

Damar confirmed, at least one internet blackout was intentional. "We found that there was an internet blackout that was deliberately forced due to security situation in Papua," he said.