Political elite festival

Kompas.com – June 15, 2022

From an oped piece in Kompas.com titled Observer says elections more like festival of the political elite than the people.

Nicholas Ryan Aditya, Jakarta – Political observer Mochtar Pabotinggi is in agreement with the statement that elections (pemilu) are more like a festival of the political elite then a festival of the people.

Pabotinggi was responding to a question by host Budiman Tanuredjo on the show Home of the 2024 Elections on Wednesday evening, June 15.

"That's the impression, I think that there's a lot of truth in it. Because many (of the elite) use rhetoric. Yet the facts are different", said Pabotinggi on Wednesday.

Pabotinggi then spelt out two reasons for the statement.

According to Pabotinggi, many political parties only prioritise rhetoric, yet in truth, cross-political party integration is needed to build the nation.

"The fact is, there is a need for cross-party radical introspection, within these parties", he said.

The second reason is that there is a need at the moment to improve the quality of democratic institutions. One of which is the political parties.

So, according to Pabotinggi, there is a need to improve the political sincerity of the political parties.

On the other hand however, he admits to being grateful that the 2024 legislative and presidential elections will still go ahead. This is bearing in mind the earlier discourse about postponing the elections.

"This is important, the elections will happen. The schedule has been set, but [despite this] I accept this with careful optimism. Don't let us bury our heads in the sand, be happy-happy when the reality is rather different", he said in conclusion.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Pengamat Sebut Pemilu Lebih Identik Jadi Pesta Elite Politik Dibandingkan Rakyat".]

Source: https://nasional.kompas.com/read/2022/06/15/22232251/pengamat-sebut-pemilu-lebih-identik-jadi-pesta-elite-politik-dibandingkan