Political anarchy

Kompas.com – September 2, 2022

From an oped piece by Sandro Gatra in Kompas.com titled The Anarchy in the political domination of the capitalist class.

Currently, the political situation in Indonesia feels like it is empty of things that smack of ideological idealism, particularly from groups of political actors (the political parties). Yet when observed historically, it is from the politics of ideology that everything begins.

Post independence, the different political parties endeavored to create visions and missions, long-term strategies, working programs, and cadres who to could be taken up to confront each other in the years of political contestation. At that time, everything was based on their respective party ideologies.

Now however, the public finds it difficult to analyse the different position of the respective political actors, because there is no pressure or interest from the public about the importance of ideological firmness.

In the end, there is no significant difference between the work programs of each of the political actors. The disappearance of ideological limits between today's political actors is very real in our daily lives.

The full article can be read at: https://nasional.kompas.com/read/2022/09/02/08491561/anarki-dalam-dominasi-politik-kaum-kapitalis