Love bombing

Source – January 18, 2023

[From an oped piece in by Sandro Gatra titled "The Politics of Love Bombing".]

So far, words do indeed continue to have their own place in the public's attention. By using words, politicians can communicate their political ideas and concepts. But when it's excessive, it is not good.

The sweet promises in the political arena is the fruit of excessive use of words. The public is given fake "affection" simply for the benefit of a politician.

The public is treated to political promises that make it attractive to vote for them, even though the promises are not fully realised.

Like for example the act of "love bombing" which is excessive verbal behavior to get the attention of a partner, even though there is a hidden purpose to the praise.

It is likewise with the promise made by politicians in the lead up to elections, which sound very sweet and impressive, but are just a tool to give momentary comfort to the public.

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