Fight ideology with ideology

Jakarta Post – June 17, 2022

From a Jakarta Post editorial titled Fight ideology with ideology.

Jakarta – Police will have to do a better job in explaining why they have arrested 23 people these last two weeks in connection with the Khilafatul Muslimin, a hitherto a little-known group that the authorities say aspires to turn Indonesia into an Islamic state.

So far, the main grounds for their arrests, including its founding leader 81-year Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraka, is that the group follows a brand of Islam that police say run counter to the state ideology Pancasila, in violation of the law on mass organizations.

Other details police provided are claims that may not stand in a court of law. For example, police say they arrested the group's leaders for holding a motorcycle convoy to spread their message, that the teachings are giving a lie to Pancasila and that the group has produced a school curriculum that is already taught in nearly 30 schools in the country.

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