Fighting each other

Kompas – December 14, 2022

From an oped piece in by Dens Saputra titled They fight each other, why should we be caught up in the storm?.

Dens Saputra – Ahead of the 2024 legislative and presidential elections, the political elite have begun to descend on the regions. Sometimes just accompanying the national elite who they support or to conduct working visits with campaign propaganda.

For politicians, all of these agendas can be done at the same time. The facilities they use can belong to the political parties, be private or belong to the government.

It's hard to find the national elite arriving in an area without being welcomed. This means that the best facilities are need to welcome the "masters" from the capital city.

And the budget is not small to serve the master and mistress politicians who only come to attract the people's sympathy. Like kings, the elite are paraded in luxury and with much fanfare.

This fact has long been the case since we chose democracy as the vehicle towards prosperity.

Not only that, our culture has become one of the contributors in facilitating the liberal democratic project which is expensive and full of formalities.

Dialogical campaigns are often used by the elite to gain sympathy when entering the election years. The practice of political communication sometimes starts with a critical attitude towards the current administration.

Data and discussion are ways to convince the people of their political choices, be it for parties or figures.

Usually, political campaigns become an arena to sway people's opinions and attitudes. It is easy for the people to be led due to their tendency to have a poor ability to filter the political elite's arguments.

So that local people become an easy meal for the party elite to garner a mass base with a high level of fanaticism.

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