Islamic party wants anti-communist ban included in draft state ideology law

Antara – May 13, 2020
Anti-communist vigilanties burn communist symbols in Surabaya – April 28, 2016 (beritagar)

Imam Budilaksono, Jakarta – The chairperson of the Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) faction in the House of Representatives (DPR), Jazuli Juwaini, says that his fraction opposes the failure to include People’s Consultative Assembly Decree (TAP/MPRS) Number XXV/MPRS/1966 on the Dissolution of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) and Prohibitions of Marxist, Leninist and Communist Teachings in the Draft Law on Pancasila Ideology Guidelines (RUU HIP).

During a plenary meeting at the DPR on Tuesday May 12, it was agreed that the RUU HIP – which was proposed by the DPR’s Legislative Body (Baleg) – will become an initiative of the DPR and included in deliberations to ratify it into law.

“Don’t neglect the dangers of latent communism, the TAP MPRS XXV/1966 is officially still in force because this danger still threatens the Indonesian nation to this day. The TAP MPRS in the legislative hierarchy is above a law but below the UUD [1945 Constitution], so it must be used as a reference”, explained Juwaini in Jakarta on Wednesday.

According to Juwaini, the TAP MPRS XXV/MPRS/1966 – which is still in force to this day – implicitly states the latent dangers of the PKI and communist ideology which are clearly a threat to the state ideology of Pancasila.

Juwaini added, “So, when we talk about the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines [Law], it must explicitly cite the banning of the PKI and communist ideology in Indonesia”.

Moreover he said, the TAP MPRS XXV/1966 is closely linked to the history of Pancasila so that on October 1 every year it is commemorated as Pancasila Victory Day, and the PKI once wanted to replace Pancasila ideology, but failed.

“So it is odd, according to the PKS faction, if the TAP MPRS which is important was not used as a consideration. In speaking about the ideology of Pancasila we must have the courage to explicitly reject elements which threaten its existence”, he said.

According to Juwaini, the RUU HIP should not only be explicit about the dangers of the reemergence of the PKI and its communist ideology, but must also be able to assert the position of Pancasila in the face of political and cultural systems which are dominated by ideas of liberalism, capitalism, secularism, hedonism and consumerism.

“In addition to this are the movements [supporting] terrorism, separatism and other ‘isms’ which are forcing their way into the life of the Indonesian nation”, he said.

Because of this, the PKS faction is explicitly asking that the TAP MPRS XXV/1966 be included as a consideration in the RUU HIP and in future deliberations on the draft law the PKS faction will continue to maintain cross-fractional communication in order that they have the same views on the importance of the TAP MPRS.

“We are listening to the fractions which have a commitment to propose the same thing”, he said.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “FPKS tolak tidak dimasukkannya TAP MPRS XXV dalam RUU HIP”.]