Police urged to find mastermind behind attacks on Papua activist’s family home

Kompas.com – November 10, 2021
Perpetrators of attack on Veronica Koman's family home captured on CCTV – November 10, 2021 (Suara)

Jakarta – The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) is urging the police to hold an independent investigation to find the perpetrator of the terror attack on the home of the parents of human rights activist Veronica Koman.

"The authorised parties must conduct an investigation which is independent, thorough and transparent", YLBHI advocacy division head Muhammad Isnur told Kompas.com on Wednesday November 10.

In addition to this, the group is also urging the government and the police to investigate the intellectual actor behind the terror attack. The police, said Isnur, must ensure the safety of Koman's family.

He said that such an investigation is important not just to protect human rights defenders but also to prevent it happening again.

"This is important not just to protect democracy, social justice and human rights activists, to prevent a potential repeat, but also to improve democracy, including reforming the face of politics, the law and human rights in Indonesia", he asserted.

Aside from this, Isnur believes that the attack on Koman's parents is unacceptable in a democratic country.

According to Isnur, the incident was an act of terror aimed at creating fear and trauma for Koman and her parents, as well as an effort to silence those who articulate issues of democracy, social justice and human rights in Papua.

"Veronica herself has suffered attacks, criminalisation, terror and cyber violence in the form of doxing and trolling and private messages which demean her dignity as a woman", he said.

As has been reported, the home of Koman's parents in West Java was attacked on Sunday November 7 in an incident in which a packet was thrown at the house which then exploded.

In addition to this, Koman's relatives were sent a package containing a chicken carcass. In both of these attacks, a message was included threatening Koman.

Police have investigated the scene of the crime but have yet to reach a conclusion on the motive for the attack.

Koman however is known as an activist who has been vocal on Papuan issues who is currently a suspect on charges of incitement for defending the Papuan people. She is currently a police fugitive and is living in exile in Australia.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Polri Didesak Usut Otak Pelaku Teror Keluarga Veronica Koman".]

Source: https://nasional.kompas.com/read/2021/11/10/14313051/polri-didesak-usut-otak-pelaku-teror-keluarga-veronica-koman