Police to hold 'free speech contest' to mark International Human Rights Day next month

Detik News – November 24, 2021
Papuan activists arrested during demonstration at US Embassy in Jakarta – September 30, 2021 (Detik)

Wilda Hayatun Nufus, Jakarta – The Indonesian police (Polri) will hold a protest speech contest – the winner of which will receive an Indonesian police chief trophy – to coincide with the momentum of International Human Rights Day which is commemorated on December 10 each year.

Police public relations division head Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo explained that the speech contest is aimed at providing a place for the public to express their aspirations. Not only that, the contest will provide education to the public about how to convey their aspirations in accordance with prevailing laws.

"It will provide a place or space for the public to convey their aspirations and express themselves and at the same time provide education to the public on how to convey their aspirations in accordance with prevailing laws", said Prasetyo in a press release on Wednesday November 24.

Prasetyo added that the theme taken up by the contest will be "Commemorating Human Rights Day". The contestants, said Prasetyo, will be given the freedom to make speeches in the form of suggestions or constructive criticism.

"Meanwhile the theme which will be taken up is 'Commemorating Human Rights Day'. While the sub-theme of the event will be open in character, or in other words, the contestants will be free to make speeches in the form of criticisms and or constructive input", he said.

Prasetyo said that holding the protest speech contest represents the police's commitment to respecting the human right to express an opinion. This said Prasetyo, is guaranteed under the Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution and Law Number 9/1998 on the Freedom to Covey and Opinion in Public.

"Polri always respects and values human rights in the form of watching over democracy by protecting citizens who are conveying an opinion in public", said Prasetyo.

The former Central Kalimantan regional police chief said that the speech contest would go through a selection process at the regional level then go on to the national level at the Indonesian police headquarters. He said that all elements of society, without exception, can take part in the contest.

"All elements of society are allowed to take part in this activity. From students to workers, farmers and other elements. The contest will be made up of a team which can comprise 5-15 people", he said.

Registration for the contest will open tomorrow and end on November 30. Prasetyo said that the winner would receive a prize of 50 million rupiah. 30 million rupiah will be awarded for second place and 20 million rupiah for third place.

"After going through a selection process at the regional police level, later on December 10 the contestants who win first place in the regions will appear at the national level or at the Indonesian police headquarters", said Prasetyo.

Prasetyo said that this is not the first time that the Indonesian police had held a freedom of expression contest. On October 30 the police also organised a mural contest festival.

"This is not the first time that Polri has held activities related to freedom of expression and opinion. Basically, the Bhayangkara Corps [as the police are known] successfully organised a mural contest festival on October 30, 2021", he said. (whn/fas)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Sambut Hari HAM Sedunia, Polri Gelar Lomba Orasi dengan Hadiah Piala Kapolri".]

Source: https://news.detik.com/berita/d-5824974/sambut-hari-ham-sedunia-polri-gelar-lomba-orasi-dengan-hadiah-piala-kapolri