Joint report finds 27,335 cases of violence against women in 2021

Source – September 5, 2022
Demonstrator at International Women's Day rally in Central Jakarta – March 8, 2020 (Antara)

Singgih Wiryono, Jakarta – The number of women who were victims of violence throughout 2021 totaled some 27,335 people.

This total was revealed in a joint report on violence against women which was released by three institutions, namely the Service Provider Forum (FLP), the National Commission on Violence Against Women and the Ministry for the Empowerment of Women and Protection of Children (KPPPA).

FPL national directors board chairperson Siti Mazuma said that the data represents a joint report put together by semester. In the first semester between January and June 2021, the number of reports of cases of violence against women reached 11,833.

"From the KPPPA there were as many as 9,057 victims [reported], Komnas Perempuan 1,967 victims and the FPL as many as 809 victims", said Mazuma in a press release on Monday September 5.

In the second semester meanwhile, between July and December 2021, the number increased to 15,502 victims. Broken down the KPPPA reported 12,701 victims, Komnas Perempuan 2,043 victims and the FPL as many as 758 victims.

"If totalled up, the number of cases of violence against women throughout 2021 which was recorded on the data systems of the three institutions was 27,335 victims", said Mazuma.

The other finding from the data was that according to the KPPPA the most common type of violence suffered by women was sexual violence. Meanwhile the other two institutions – the Komnas Perempuan and FPL – recorded that the dominant kind of violence was psychological.

"In terms of geography, Central Java, West Java and East Java were the three regions with the highest levels of violence against women recorded by the three institutions", said Mazuma.

According to Mazuma, the high level of reported violence against women in these three provinces was because they have quite a large population. "Also because the availability of complaint services are more extensive (compared with other provinces)", said Mazuma.

Based on the data obtained, the FPL along with the Komnas Perempuan and the KPPPA are endeavoring to maximise services to extend the reach for reporting cases of violence against women.

Government efforts however are not enough. According to Mazuma all elements of society must provide support for access and assistance for women victims of violence.

"Not just the government, but all social components must join hands to participate in efforts to prevent and deal with violence against women", said Mazuma.

In addition to this, the government and other women's protection agencies must improve complaint facilities and management in dealing with violence against women. Furthermore, prevention efforts must be the main priority so that cases of violence against women are not repeated.

"Efforts to prevent violence (can be made) through joint movements to improve social understanding of gender based violence by involving all layers of society", said Mazuma.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Laporan 3 Lembaga: Perempuan Korban Kekerasan Sepanjang 2021 Berjumlah 27.335 Orang".]