UN Rights Commissioner expresses 'shock' over Papua murder, mutilation reports

Suara Papua – September 13, 2022
Nada Al-Nashif speaking at 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council – September 12, 2022 (SP)

Jayapura – Three weeks after the incident, a report on the murder and mutilation of four civilians from Nduga in Timika, Mimika regency, Papua, was raised at a United Nations Human Rights Council session on Monday September 12 at the UN offices in Geneva.

When giving a speech on the opening day of the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council, acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada Al-Nashif expressed her shock upon receiving reports of the violence which has befallen civilians in Papua, including the recent murder and mutilation case in Mimika.

"I am shocked by recent reports of the dismembered bodies of four indigenous Papuan civilians found outside Timika in West Papua Province on 22 August.", said Al-Nashif as quoted on the official Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) website.

She continued, "I note the government's initial efforts to investigate, including the arrest of at least six military personnel, and urge a thorough, impartial, and independent investigation, holding those responsible to account."

Speaking in front of the UN Human Rights Council, Al-Nashif also mentioned the continued and increasingly intense violence occurring in Papua, both in Papua as well as West Papua province.

"In the Papua region (Papua and West Papua Provinces) of Indonesia, we have reports of intensified violence, including clashes between the Indonesian security forces and armed groups resulting in unknown numbers of civilian casualties and fatalities and internal displacement", she said.

As reported by Reuters.com, Al-Nashif gave the speech alongside Human Rights Commission President Federico Villegas.

The 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council will continue until October 7. Al-Nashif will hold the post of acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights until the new commissioner, Volker Turk, replaces Michelle Bachelet.

AS reported earlier, the names of the victims of the murders and mutilation of four Papuan civilians are Arnold Lokbere (29), Irian Nirigi (38), Lemaniol Nirigi (29) and Atis Tini (23). The mutilated bodies were found by their families four days later floating on the Pigapu River in Timika.

It was later discovered that the sadistic and despicable shootings and mutilations were committed by six TNI (Indonesian military) personnel from the Kostrad (Army Strategic Reserves Command) Division 3 Raider/20 Ima Jaya Keramo Infantry Brigade with the initials Major Hf, Captain Dk, Master Private Pr and Private First-Classes Pc, R and Ras.

Four civilians are also alleged to have been involved in the sadistic murders with the initials RMH, DU, R and APL alias Jeck.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Kasus Mutilasi Empat Warga Papua Diangkat di Sidang Dewan HAM PBB".]

Source: https://suarapapua.com/2022/09/13/kasus-mutilasi-empat-warga-papua-diangkat-di-sidang-dewan-ham-pbb/