Banging pots and pans, housewives say fuel price hike making it hard to feed family

Sindo News – September 23, 2022
Housewives join rally against fuel price hike at Horse Statue in Jakarta – September 23, 2022 (Kompas)

Bachtiar Rojab, Jakarta – A protest action against the recent fuel (BBM) price hike by the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 and the People's Defenders National Movement (GNPR) has attracted quite a lot of attention because it included emak-emak (urban housewives) who brought household implements with them.

According to MNC Portal's observations at the location, the emak-emak banged pots and pans during the protest – hitting the pans with spatulas and kitchen implements – while giving speeches asking the government to bring down the price of fuel.

In response to this, a speaker from People's Challenge Alliance (ARM) said that the pans brought by the emak-emak were a form of satire because the cost of feeding a family has been affected by the fuel price hike which has caused the cost of food to skyrocket.

"The problem is we are directly affected, our kitchen money must automatically be cut back for others, our children must also be fed, for those who need transportation, need SPP [educational management contributions], everything's gone up", said Ida on Friday September 23.

Moreover, said Ida, the fuel price increase has made it even harder for households. They often have to wrack their brains in order to meet their daily needs and according to Ida, the price increase has also given rise to disharmony at home.

"How can housewives not get angry, not get emotional when BBM goes up, we're directly affected, both in the home, it's yet another thing. Of course this gives rise to disharmony in the home", she said in conclusion.

As has been reported, demonstrations against the price increase of subsidised fuel are continuing. This time it was the turn of the PA 212 to flooded into the area near the State Palace in Central Jakarta on Friday.

Earlier, PA 212 Advisory Board Secretary Slamet Maarifmengatakan said that the action would be attended by Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Imam Besar (Great Leader) Habib Rizieq Shihab. Shihab however, did not end up attending. (ams)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Sambil Bawa Panci, Emak-emak Tolak Kenaikan Harga BBM di Patung Kuda".]