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September 2021

Kompas – September 29, 2021

Writing on bonnet reads "Gas fuel project"

March 2020

CNN Indonesia – March 18, 2020

Jakarta – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s plea for workers, students and worshipers to stay home in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19) can’t be followed by all workers.

February 2016

Kompas – February 20, 2016

Kid: For us it doesn't matter if we're late as long as we're safe right Dad? (sign reads 'Economy Class')

January 2015

Kompas – January 10, 2015

Goat: You can be sure that it won’t be me that gets skewered and grilled!

Man: And you can sure it’ll be us that suffer

December 2013

Kompas – December 14, 2013

Man speaking to Transport Minister EE Mangindaan: Mr Minister, the road accident rate is dropping, that means transportation is improving yeah?

September 2013

Kompas – September 28, 2013

Hidayat: Cheap cars! What’s wrong with the little people driving cars?

Kid: Ordinary people driving cars is a sign of prosperity right Dad?

Kompas – September 18, 2013

Man: Cheap cars? Relax... our roads are still free and easy

July 2013

Kompas – July 27, 2013

Kirmanto: Lebaran’s just around the corner...

Kid: Why’s it only just before Lebaran that the roads get fixed Dad?

Kompas – July 17, 2013

Man: Don’t just twitter about it (sign reads ‘Pantura mudik route’)

August 2012

Kompas – August 15, 2012

Man at back of bus: Freedom!