Government to investigate Acehnese civil servants

Source – June 11, 2003
Minister for the Empowerment of State Apparatus Faisal Tamin (Liputan 6)
Minister for the Empowerment of State Apparatus Faisal Tamin (Liputan 6)

Luhur Hertanto, Jakarta -- The government will soon conduct a special investigations (Litsus) of state civil servants in Aceh. This follows information which suggests Acehnese civil servants are involved in the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

The plan to enforce Litsus for Acehnese civil servants was announced to reporters by the State Minister for the Empowerment of the State Apparatus, Faisal Tamin, during a break in a Culture of Work Program workshop at the Hotel Meridien in Jakarta on Tuesday.

“There is a reason why Litsus must be conducted. If they are loyal, they will be valued for their loyalty in a difficult situation. But otherwise they will be dismissed immediately”, explained Faisal.

 In conducting Litsus, said Faisal, the government would work jointly with the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Defense [and Security]. [He said that] There are a number of things which indicate if a civil servant is a member of GAM.

“Firstly, where [the civil servants] are [working]. If they are in a GAM area or environment and they fail to carry out their duties that is strong evidence [of their involvement with GAM]. We will also request information from their families, along with information from local residents”, said Faisal.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Department of Home Affairs, Siti Nurbaya, said that Litsus would be conducted in accordance with the needs and the operational plans of the military operation in Aceh.

“To support this plan, tomorrow a declaration of loyalty rally will be held. This will involve village officials and local civil servants”, said Siti.

[Translated by James Balowski.]