Seventy six sub-districts in Aceh still not functioning

Kompas – October 11, 2003
Navey Colonel Ditya Soedarsono (Liputan 6)
Navey Colonel Ditya Soedarsono (Liputan 6)

Banda Aceh –- The wheels of government in many sub-districts and villages in the province of Aceh are still not functioning properly. Of the 227 sub-districts in the province, only 151 are functioning while 76 others have been declared to not be functioning properly.

“Efforts to expedite and restore the wheels of government are still being carried out” said Colonel Laut Ditya Soedarsono, from the Information Centre of the Provincial Emergency Military Command (PDMD) in Banda Aceh on Friday October 10.

Although there are still government offices which are not function properly this does not mean their the services they provide to society have been interfered with. According to Ditya, social services continue to be provided at the maximum level. Previously there were 13 sub-districts which were characterised as “black”, their statues has new changed after military officers (TNI) were appointed as sub-district heads.

Meanwhile, of the 5862 villages in Aceh only 3676 (62.7 per cent) are functioning normally, 1594 (27.2 per cent) are not functioning properly and 592 (10.1 per cent) are not functioning. There figures have experienced significant advances compared to before said Ditya.

Illegal street levies

The PDMD also held a meeting with public transport owners at the Kodam Iskandar Muda military command headquarters. The discussion touched on and discussed the existence of illegal payments in being collected in major thoroughfares.

Kodam Iskandar Muda military commander, Major-General Endang Suwarya, as the military commander in Aceh, said that illegal payments must be eradicated. What ever the case, he said that there is a need for cooperation between all parties, especially transport owners and their bus crews to not allow illegal payments to occur. PDMD will also work hard to eliminate the practice of illegal payments. (NJ)

[Translated by James Balowski.]