Sydney Jones’ supporters paid: Intelligence chief

Source – June 8, 2004
International Crisis Group director Sydney Jones (vgsiahaya)
International Crisis Group director Sydney Jones (vgsiahaya)

Suwarjono, Jakarta – Although Sydney Jones has been expelled from Indonesia support for the American national continues to flow. National Intelligence Agency (BIN) chief Hendropriyono believes that those who are supporting the head of the International Crisis Group (IGC) have received money from Jones.

“It looks like they have received money. If there are foreign nationals who are denigrating [Indonesia] like that it is inconceivable that we will just let them [keep doing it], it’s a betrayal [of the country] after all. For as long as Indonesia has been independent we have never allowed [the nation] to be colonised by foreigners”, Hendropriyono told journalists before a meeting with President Megawati Sukarnoputri at the Presidential Palace on Jalan Veteran in Central Jakarta on Monday June 7.

As has been reported, Jones left Jakarta on the afternoon of Sunday June 6 and will be living in Singapore temporarily. In response to the eviction, non-government and social organisations have defended and given their support to her.

Unfortunately however, Hendropriyono was not able to reveal the names of the supporters he is accusing of being paid. Previously, Hendropriyono has said that in the past, before ICG was headed by Jones there weren’t any problems. “It is only one person who has caused problems”, said Hendropriyono. He then asked why the management ICG’s head office had kept Jones as head of ICG Indonesia. “I don’t understand why”, he said.

Hendropriyono also warned other parties not to go along with it and also give their support to Jones. “[And] to these other parties I ask [you] not to run around backing them up”, he said. He also denied that there was a question that Jones would have to flee from Indonesia next June 20. (dsb)

[Translated by James Balowski.]