Students demand corrupt cabinet members be arrested and tried

Source – November 4, 2004
Anti-Corruption Student Network protest action (Aktual)
Anti-Corruption Student Network protest action (Aktual)

Arin Widiyanti, Jakarta – Around 100 students from the Anti-Corruption Student Network (Jaringan Mahasiswa Anti-Korupsi, Jamak) held a demonstration at the Attorney General’s office in South Jakarta on Thursday November 4 demanding the arrest of a number of cabinet ministers.

The action was held at around 2.30pm and as of going to press people were still arriving. The demonstrators brought posters and banners which were hung on main gate of the Attorney General’s office which remained closed.

They were demanding that the new cabinet of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono be cleansed of corrupters. They noted a number of ministers who should be arrested and brought to trial.

The first is the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Aburizal Bakrie, who has been accused of being involved in the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Support Fund (BLBI) embezzlement case and who has sold government posts in the state owned insurance company Jamsostek for as much as 250 billion rupiah in the name of Green View Officer Finance.

The second is the State Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Suryadharma Ali, also for his involvement in corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Third is State Secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra because of his involvement in the legal Mafia within the Department of Justice and Human Rights, for bribing judges who are trying corruption cases and corruption involving various projects such as legal training and printing within the department.

Fourth is the Minister for State Enterprises, Sugiharto, because of his involvement in the falsification of documents in the Singapore justice department.

Fifth is Finance Minister Jusuf Anwar, who has been involved in bribery cases and the sale of government posts in the Department of Finance.

The demonstrators, who said they were from a number of different universities in Jakarta, are also calling for the cabinet to be cleansed of International Monetary Fund lackeys. The lackeys they were referring to are the Minister of National Development Planning/Chairperson of the National Planning Agency (Bappenas), Sri Mulyani Indrawati, and the Minister of Trade, Mari Elka Pangestu. (nrl)

[Translated by James Balowski.]