Legal Aid Institute issues warning for rights activists

Source – November 25, 2004
LBH Jakarta Director Uli Parulian (Metro TV)
LBH Jakarta Director Uli Parulian (Metro TV)

M. Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – So that there is no repeat of the Munir case, the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH) is distributing a circular containing a warning to all human rights activists to be careful in carrying out their work.

This was revealed by the director of LBH Jakarta, Uli Parulian, at the LBH offices on Jalan Diponegoro in Jakarta on Thursday November 25.

The leaflet contains 10 points of advice for human rights activists including not to consume food or drink who’s origins are unknown, avoiding packaged food and drink which has been damaged, not accepting gifts of food and drink from anyone, always informing work mates when and where they are going to eat and drink, checking on the reason and purpose of unknown persons who enter a personal work space and to avoid receiving clients in personal work spaces.

“The leaflet is not a scare campaign but a direct preventative measure particularly because our work is risky and we are presently handling some big cases, for example the Bojong case1, said Parulian. “We also frequently receive threats by phone, anonymous letters, have tires punctured and are threatened with weapons”, said Parulian.

Will the circular be distributed to other NGOs? “Since Munir’s death LBH has been communicating with and reminding other NGOs and will be distributing the circular soon, said Parulian.(aan)


1. On November 21 police fired on residents of Bojong Village in the Klapanunggal district of Bogor who had been protesting against a waste treatment plant. Seven people were wounded and 33 others arrested for allegedly provoking the riot.

[Translated by James Balowski.]