Munir’s wife Suciwati to build international campaign

Tempo Interactive – December 15, 2004
Munir's wife Suciwati (CNN)
Munir's wife Suciwati (CNN)

Jakarta – Suciwati, the wife of the late Munir, is to seek international support. She will be forced to do this if an Indonesian independent investigation team is not able to work effectively.

The investigation team which has been proposed by the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) and Indonesian Human Rights Watch (Imparsial) has yet to be formed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. “Within Indonesia there isn’t any hope”, she said during a break in an event commemorating 100 days since Munir’s death at the Antara Jakarta Building on Wednesday December 15.

According to Suciwati, the one remaining hope is the president. With regard to the mechanisms she said that they must be disused beforehand by a significant number of parties. “I can’t speak [about it now] on my own here”, said Suciwati.

With regard to whether or not there have been any new findings, Suciwati promised that she will inform journalists if there is. “We will publish them later”, she said.

Munir is a human rights activist who died on a Garuda Airlines flight traveling to Amsterdam. In his body was found levels of arsenic past the normal limits. (Ewo Raswa – Tempo News Room)

[Translated by James Balowski.]